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With more than 20 years of experience in biotechnology, Galactic has become a leading natural solution provider able to solve the issues you encounter whatever your sphere of business, be it in the food, feed, personal & health care, or industrial markets. With a particular focus on food safety, nutrition and green chemistry, Galactic offers health- and environmentally-friendly alternatives including lactic acid, lactates and many other innovative products. Read more...


When you deal with nature, it’s hard not to be inspired by it. At Galactic, we are already imagining the world of tomorrow. A world in which choices are based on what’s best for nature and mankind, and that opens up countless possibilities.

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New Food Partnership
We are happy to announce the starting of a new partnership with Faravelli. Faravelli began in Milan’s Isola quarter, in 1926, when Mr. Giusto Faravelli – t...
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ProMeat Adagio™ F - Gradual Acidification of Rookworst
Galactic has developped ProMeat Adagio™ F, a natural and non-coated solution, which gradually lowers the pH over time. A small amount of ProMeat Adagio™ F ensures equiva...
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Discover our innovative solutions specially designed for bakery.
The demand in the bakery industry for clean label, tasty and healthy products as well as faster processing times is increasingly growing. In order to meet this ne...
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