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Your partner in natural Antimicrobial Solutions,
Lactic Acid and Lactates.

Galactic is one of the world’s leading producers of lactic acid and its derivatives for over 30 years.
Through a fermentation process of sugar and non-GMO microorganisms, we pride ourselves on developing a broad range of natural antimicrobials and ingredients, all dedicated to food and non-food producers.

Your partner in natural Antimicrobial Solutions, Lactic Acid and Lactates.

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Crafting Natural basil flavor from the lab to your plate

Enhancing vegetable decontamination through natural acids

Tension field between natural and classic antimicrobials

Discover our solutions

Discover Galactic solutions.

With a large and customised range of solutions,
Galactic is on its way to cover a major part of the challenges
that tomorrow's world will have to face in the food industry.

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Expertise at Galactic.

Fermentation is at the heart of Galactic’s business reflecting its identity.

We are experts in fermentation bringing the traditional fermentations to a robust industrial scale.

Working mostly with local raw materials, it makes all bioprocesses 100% natural.

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Discover Galactic solutions.

We also put at your disposal our state-of-the-art facilities, a trained staff of high-level scientists, as well as our established partnerships with industrial, academic and research platforms.

Our customers can always trust us to do the right thing, and show how the right ingredients can help.

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Careers at Galactic.

We need people that match our values.

Each of us contributes directly to the common success of Galactic, and we see the results of our work.

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Careers at Galactic.