Our history

Everything starts in 1994 when a pioneering team of engineers launches their first production of lactic acid and lactates with a capacity of 1.500 tons. The company Bioprocess Technology is born in partnership with the already well-established Groupe Sucrier (Finasucre).

1997: Bioprocess Technology changes its name to Galactic and production capacity is raised to 15.000 tons.

1998: Galactic is the world's second largest producer of lactic acid and lactates, exporting 80% of its production to more than 40 countries. In the same year, Galactic grants its first patent on a revolutionary purification technology for lactic acid.

1999: Capacity doubles to 30.000 tons and the holding company Compagnie du Bois Sauvage decides to become a shareholder of Galactic.

2002: B&G, a joint venture with COFCO Biochemical (BBCA Biochemical), is born in China (Bengbu) for the production of L(+) lactic acid with a capacity of 50.000 tons.

2005: Galactic Inc. is created in the United States (Milwaukee).

2007: Galactic and Total Petrochemicals join forces to create Futerro, a joint venture dedicated to the production of poly-lactic acid, a promising biodegradable polymer derived from lactic acid for which Galactic has developed its own innovative technology.

2008: Galactic launches a new production line for calcium lactate.

2009: Galactic decides to further increase its R&D efforts, especially in the fields of lactochemistry, meat applications and bakery applications with dedicated teams of specialists. Galactic launches a new production line of esters.

2010: B&G opens a sales office in Tokyo, Japan (Shinagawa-ku).

2011: Galactic increases its capacity in the United States to 15.000 tons. In line with food sector trends, Galactic develops tailor-made concepts on food safety, clean labelling and health improvement for the bakery and meat industries.

2012: Creation of Galactic Bioquimicos Ltda in Curitiba (Brazil).

2013: Galactic opens its new R&D centre, the Galactic Innovation Campus in Brussels, Belgium. In November 2013, Galactic opens its new sales office in Milan, Italy.

2014: Opening of a new sales office in Düsseldorf, Germany.

2015In 2015, Galactic has been very active in launching new products which have been developed in response to clearly identified market trends and customers’ needs. This is how Galactic started to offer new lactic-based and acetic-based natural flavoring agents in liquid and powder forms, natural solvent blends dedicated to the paint & ink industry, and new products for the cosmetics sector such as a nail polish remover with moisturizing properties and a range of PLA-based powders to be used as substitutes to polyethylene powders in facial scrubs and heavy duty soaps. 

2017: Investment in new production lines in Belgium to expand the production of high value derivatives.

2018: Galactic opens a Group Support Office in Moldova. Also, Futerro sells new licenses for lactic acid and PLA production in China. 

2019: Galactic reorganizes its presence in Asia with the opening of Galactic Biochemical and Galactic Import/Export in China and creates Galactic Japan. Futerro builds a lactic acid and a PLA factory in China, two joint-ventures with BBCA Biochemical.