Focusing on natural feed solutions

Nowadays there is a large focus placed on animal welfare regarding both farm and domesticated animals. Our customers look for high quality feed products that guarantee safety and excellent nutrition at the same time. In line with numerous advances made in this field we, at Galactic, are leading the way by offering sustainable and cost effective solutions to help maintain the superior productivity of farm animals as well as the enhanced well-being of pets.

The improved performance of farm animals is guaranteed through the health and safety promoting properties of our natural ingredients. When added to feed and drinking water they have various functions including pH regulation, nutrition, preservation and shelf-life extension. Galactic has also developed solutions to combat the growth of bacteria, such as Salmonella, in dry pet foods. In addition, our solutions can be used as a means to ensure mineral fortification, dental health improvement and a well-balanced microflora of the digestive track.

Whether you are looking to enhance the health, development or metabolism of your animals, our high performance solutions deliver for you.