Our solutions for animal feed

There has been a growing demand for antibiotic-free and safer feed products. Galactic’s natural lactic acid and derivatives are ideal to increase feed intake, food safety, and prevent salmonella infection and mastitis. As a result, the use of our ingredients can considerably increase your profit margin.

Acidification: Ensilage is a natural process which refers to the efficient preservation of hay. However, it does not always go in the right direction. Acidifying hay with Galacid helps preserve it against spoilage, an effect which can lower feeding performances (due to reduced nutritional value) and increase the risk of disease.

Health and nutrition: In recent years, the use of organic acids to replace antibiotics has become a major point of attention and even become a necessity in some countries. Galifex™ is a range of solutions that promotes the safe growth of broiler chickens and piglets by improving their feed intake and daily weight gain.

Food safety and preservation: Lactic acid and lactates are very efficient pathogen growth inhibitors; hence they are extensively used to enhance the microbiological stability of feed products.

Bacteriostatic: Galacid™ is an excellent antimicrobial agent; it is used in teat dip formulation to reduce the risk of mastitis disease and in the sanitisation of farming equipment, water dispensing systems, etc.