Our solutions for pet food

Salmonella contamination is a major concern in pet food production. The inclusion of lactic acid in pet food can help minimise the risk of salmonella contamination. For this purpose, Galactic has developed a special grade of lactic acid to optimise the quality and safety of pet food.

Food safety and preservation: Salmonella can be an issue in the production of dry pet foods. It not only presents a risk for pets but also for those people who come into contact with the product in the processing plant or at home. Galactic has developed specific solutions to halt the development of this bacteria type.

Health and nutrition: We offer mineral fortification solutions by means of our calcium salt derived from lactic acid. This feed grade can be used to help fortification as well as improve the dental health of the pet. To rear a healthy pet it is important to guarantee a well balanced micro-flora of the digestive track. We offer solutions to aid in this process.