Our solutions for bakery

With its strong bakery knowledge, Galactic has a solid understanding of the challenges producers face today. Galactic has developed tailor-made solutions for the bakery market including those related to shelf-life extension, flavour enhancement, texture improvement and natural leavening.

Food safety and preservation: Consumer demand continues to rise for freshly baked goods. Food safety and shelf-life in bakery are not only related to microbial spoilage, but also to quality deterioration. Our lactic acid- based solutions offer extra food safety as lactic acid is a natural bacteriostatic agent. Galactic also offers natural and clean-label alternatives to anti-molds & yeast additives, classified with E numbers.

Health and nutrition: Health issues such as reduced sodium intake have become a worldwide concern, hence a rising demand for natural ingredients. Galactic offers natural fermentates able to mimic the salty taste in bakery goods. In addition, Galactic offers a natural alternative to acidifiers used in chemical leavening systems; ProDough Adagio™ is a new, clean-label, sodium-free and tasty substitute for SAPP, SALP, GDL and palm-oil coated acids.

Texture and quality: Galactic, with its Galaxium - calcium lactate – can improve the bread-making properties of wheat flour by controlling the water binding. Moreover, calcium is able to link together some gluten proteins, improving the network during dough processing. The farinograph parameters are thus improved.  

Leavening system: Galactic has developed a groundbreaking leavening solution with the creation of ProDough Adagio™ F. It is a 100% natural alternative to chemical leavening systems and can be used in a wide range of applications for baking. Its neutralising value of 86 enables superior performance compared to most SAPP. 

Clean-label is a major trend in the bakery sector as consumers want natural, healthy and recognisable ingredients in the products they consume. Galactic has developed a range of clean-label solutions including ProDough Adagio™ F, Galimax™ Flavor K and Galimax™ Flavor V-100, to address this concern.