Our solutions for confectionery

Galactic’s solutions enable confectionery producers to enhance the consumer flavour experience while improving shelf life and texture. Based on natural resources, our solutions are meant to help you make tasty, healthy and high quality confectionery for your customers.

Acidification: Sugar inversion in confectionery leads to sticky candies and generates a negative image. The choice of acids in confectionery is crucial during the production process to avoid sugar inversion. Adding buffered lactic acid to the recipe is perfect for reducing the effects of sugar inversion by buffering the confectionery to a specific pH.

Health and nutrition: Candies with health benefits have become a new industry trend. Fortification is difficult due to the low content of water within the product; therefore solubility is an essential criterion of success. Galaxium™ is a range of minerals based on lactate and having high solubility, bio-availability and neutral taste..

Flavour and taste: Confectionery manufacturers are looking for solutions that meet consumer demand for high quality candies. In fruit-based confectionery, it is crucial to balance sugar and acids to obtain a perfect and long lasting flavour profile. Thanks to Galactic's R&D efforts, we have developed a specific range of ingredients to increase flavour intensity.