Our solutions for dairy & cheese

Galactic’s extensive portfolio provides solutions for the acidification, fortification, preservation and shelf life extension of dairy products.

Food safety and preservation: Galactic’s natural protective solutions for cheeses and other dairy produce aim to protect against spoilage and growth of pathogenic organisms such as Listeria, Clostridium, and other heat resistant spores.

Acidification: Direct acidification with Galacid™ helps processors to quickly lower the pH in order to accelerate the rennet coagulation process and improve texture.

Health and nutrition: Healthy lifestyle is driving consumer behaviour and opening avenues for natural solutions. Galactic is committed to providing customers with the best natural solutions to meet their needs. Our Galaxium™ range of solutions includes a natural calcium source which is highly soluble and bio-available, as well as other minerals designed for fortification.

Coagulation: Galactic has developed an innovative solution in the form of Galacid Adagio™ used for coagulation in cheese and dairy and suitable for all applications. It is a good alternative to ferments and GDL. It delivers numerous benefits including texture improvement, process standardisation and taste stability.