Our solutions for meat, poultry & seafood

Meat, poultry and seafood are considered to be highly susceptible to microbiological contamination.

With a strong commitment to ensure food safety, Galactic developed the Galaflow™, Galimax™, and ProMeat™ ranges, consisting of highly effective ingredients combining food safety and shelf-life extension but also offering a wide-ranging set of other properties such as flavour enhancement, texture improvement and colour stability.

Acidification: Galactic has developed solutions based on a balanced mix of organic acids with acidifying properties, specially designed to correct acidity in canned meat and delicatessen products. It improves colour and taste and has a positive influence on the pH value and therefore delays microbial growth. This is particularly useful for natural and artificial casings as it allows proper disinfection and hydration.

Food safety and preservation: Consumers express more concern than ever before about food safety while ingredient costs are rising, thus making it difficult to maintain both high quality and safety. It is well known that meat is considered to be highly susceptible to microbiological contamination including food borne pathogens such as E. Coli and Listeria Monocytogenes. After much research and testing, Galactic has developed several innovative solutions which are very effective against a wide range of microorganisms without altering the quality of the finished product.

Texture: ProMeat Texture™ is a specific solution developed by our R&D department to ensure that the finished product has a stable shelf life and an ideal texture. This innovative solution also reduces the amount of fat, nitrites and phosphates needed during processing. Sodium nitrite is the preservative most commonly used for the manufacture of meat products. Although very effective as preservatives, allowing to keep the pink colour of products and thus making them appealing to consumers, the nitrites are believed to be causing health problems. ProMeat Texture™ reduces the required amount of these additives by limiting their role to the action on the colour of the product and not its preservation. ProMeat Texture™ also has the power to retain water which can reduce the amount of phosphates required for the manufacture of meat products.

Flavour and taste: In a world where consumers are becoming ever more health conscious Galactic’s solutions such as ProMeat Flavor™ offers numerous advantages in response to their concerns. It has a positive impact on flavour through the retention of meat’s natural taste and saltiness, thus it is highly compatible with products that have reduced sodium content. ProMeat Flavor™ ensures the meat product can take advantage of clean labelling since it is a natural aroma.

Health and nutrition: As cardiovascular disease and hypertension are becoming major health problems worldwide, sodium reduction is fast turning out to be a crucial challenge for meat processors to address.  Galactic has designed specific solutions to decrease the sodium content in meat preparations and offer protection against bacteria without compromising shelf-life, taste, colour or texture. Galactic’s solutions have been proven to reduce nitrite content in meat by up to 40% and at the same time extend its microbial shelf life by 100%.