Our solutions for sauces & dressings

Galactic offers several solutions to help producers of sauces & dressings face the challenge of acidification without compromising on taste and shelf-life. Galactic will help you find the right solutions for your product.

Food safety and preservation: Galactic’s lactic acid based ingredients are particularly well suited to enhance food safety and extend the shelf-life of sauces and dressings by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

Acidification: Acidification in sauces and dressings is needed to reduce the pH value and prevent microbial deterioration in the form of yeasts and moulds. Unlike strong acids which only play a role regarding the external pH of a bacterial cell, weak acids, including lactic acid, are lipophilic and can thus cross the cellular membrane directly to the cytoplasmic pH. Therefore they have a much greater ability to limit bacterial growth.

Flavour and taste: Organic acids like lactic acid create a strong flavour profile of variable intensity. Vinegar is the most common ingredient used in sauces and dressings, but its negative impact on taste limits its usage. Unlike vinegar, lactic acid has a mild, long-lasting taste that will preserve or even enhance other flavour notes such as tomato. Galactic developed blends of organic acids and their salts to improve the final taste.