Our solutions for snacks & fried food

Snacks and fried food are appealing for consumers. However, deep fried foods have been losing popularity due to the fitness craze and consumer awareness of the fat content of food. Following current healthy food trends, Galactic offers solutions that can ensure your products have maximum appeal for consumers in terms of flavour, texture and health properties.

Health and nutrition: Reducing acrylamide concentrations is now possible with Galaxium™ (Calcium lactate) so that consumers are offered a more natural appearing product without any adverse affect on its taste and flavour.

Flavour and taste:  When fried foods and snacks are formulated to be low-fat, the product generally suffers in texture, taste and flavour. Choosing the right Galactic ingredient will avoid the associated negative effects of low fat foods. Calcium lactates, for example, are one of many firming agents which can be used to improve crispness in french fries.

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