Our solutions for personal care & cosmetics

The trend for effective, green products is one of the major drivers in the personal care and cosmetics industry today. Galactic’s solutions, having a 100% natural origin, possess properties such as anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, skin renewal, elasticity and firmness.

Acidification: Lactic acid is a mild acidifier used in personal care and cosmetics as a pH adjuster. Thus it is used as a natural preservative in all types of formulations.

Anti-ageing: Galactic is proud to present a brand new concept, Galatea™, which is a state-of-the-art anti-ageing solution aimed to protect the body against oxidative stress. Galactic has also developed innovative formulations for food supplements, face creams and body lotions specially designed to act from the inside of the body and on the outside at the same time.

Health and nutrition: Increasing consumer awareness of health-based personal care and cosmetic products is driving the industry. Galactic has developed a wide range of natural minerals which are suitable sources for all types of formulations.

Moisturising: Galactic’s ingredients increase skin hydration and offer excellent moisturising effects at a lower dosage than existing solutions. Your formulations no longer need to compromise between performance, safety and cost when developing products.

Surfactant: By increasing the mildness of the formulation, Galactic's solutions help to maintain the correct skin moisture level. Compared to other surfactants our solutions demonstrate the same effectiveness, albeit with increased mildness at a lower dosage.

Whitening and cleansing: To meet the large demand for skin care products that aim to inhibit skin pigmentation and promote effective cleansing at the same time, Galactic has developed a range of lactic acid based solutions, both safe and non-irritating unlike existing solutions such as hydroquinone.

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