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Our goal is to offer the right service to our clients. Galactic's expertise has been established with the accomplishment of several new product developments and by the daily discussions with our clients all around the world. We understand the challenges of many different business markets and how the right ingredients can help you.

Galactic recently opened a platform for innovation in biotechnology, namely the Galactic Innovation Campus (GIC). Ideally located in the heart of Europe (30 minutes from Brussels national airport), the GIC enables us to boost our research efforts and assist in your biotechnology developments. Our services are wide-ranging and include equipment and lab-facility renting, process and application development assistance, as well as on-demand pilot-scale productions. Not alone this, but we also put at your disposal our state-of-the-art facilities, a trained staff of high-level scientists, as well as our established partnerships with industrial, academic and research platforms.

Our expertise lies in:
- Bio-fermentation
- Purification technologies
- Food safety systems
- Bio-solvents formulation

Our main application knowledge is in:
- Meat, poultry, fish and seafood preservation
- Dairy acidification and preservation
- Bakery acidification and leavening
- Mineral supplementation of milk and beverages
- Inks, paints, resins and coatings dissolving
- Soil bio-remediation and de-pollution

Though the production of lactic acid and lactates remains our core business, we now have an excellent opportunity to increase our research efforts in the development of new molecules and natural solutions for our business activities in the food, industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

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