Galactic Food Doctor™

Galactic provides its customers with a bespoke set of services to improve the quality and safety of their food products by using ground-breaking technologies.

Knowing as we do that many of our customers have requirements that are specific to their applications and production processes we offer a complete line of tailor-made formulations at above market standards. Our dedicated team of experts, with strong experience and knowledge in formulation chemistry, develops solutions to support and enhance your innovation process.

To combat spoilage, we offer a revolutionary approach in the field of food microbial ecosystems to reveal the previously hidden diversity of microscopic life. With this, we are unique in the world to offer a completely accurate diagnostic tool for food microbiology on the basis of which we can devise a natural preservation system for our customers’ food products. 

As food safety is a critical concern for all food industry managers, we can provide a predictive modelling tool to evaluate the Listeria risk in foodstuffs thus helping you to decide on the best formulation for optimal shelf-life.

Not only are we involved at the product development phase but Galactic has the expertise and know-how to conduct a thorough examination of your production plant and processes to identify potential areas for improvement and solve outstanding issues to help you optimise your business.

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