Predictive modelling tool

Galactic has developed a reliable predictive modelling tool that accurately predicts Listeria monocytogenes growth in several food applications under specific conditions in order to help customers face the challenges of meeting higher quality and safety standards.

With the aim to help meat, dairy and seafood producers predict the shelf-life of their products without having to go through costly and lengthy safety studies, Galactic created: 

- The safe (95 percentile) model 

As the reliability of the models depends on the environment, Galactic has taken account of a variety of factors that are very important in food such as moisture, salt, temperature, pH, water activity and the use of antimicrobials.

This technique was developed in the frame of our Galactic Food Doctor™ services in order to help customers define their needs. Thanks to our different tools (such as metagenomics and the predictive models), we are able to offer customers the right solutions and prevent potential future risks. The predictive modelling tool is the most efficient way for food producers to save R&D resources and speed up the lead time to market.

To access the model, you will need a login and password. Please request it from your contact person at Galactic or contact us for more information.

Direct link to the safe model

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