The chemistry based on lactic acid
Galactic is proud to develop natural solutions for improving our customer products through the replacement of harmful products.

Lactic acid or Carboxylic acid (C3H6O3) is a great building block with a wide range of potential chemical properties. Its natural origin and its non-toxicity make it a perfect starting point for new developments.

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Lactic acid properties:
- The smallest organic compound (3 carbons) containing an alcohol and an acid function;
- Naturally sourced and available today on a large scale (bio-sourced);
- Naturally present in the human body.

Lactic acid is versatile and enables a huge variety of chemical reactions: condensation, oxidation, reduction, substitution or esterification. It is highly reactive (Enthalpy: 1361.9 kJ/mol) and has a weak acidity (pKa=3.86). It is available in liquid, powder or crystalline form.

Lactic acid is an optically active compound, so it is available in its levorotatory or dextrorotatory forms (L or D; + or -; R or S). The classic form is L, but some developments benefit from the D lactic acid. Lactic acid has a weak CO² foot-print: the production of lactic acid does not generate CO² emissions (unlike alcoholic fermentation).

Lactic acid salts are obtained with various elements (Na, K, Ca, Fe, etc.) and have already many known applications. (Link to Applications section)

Lactic acid dimmers are obtained by de-hydrolisation. Lactide is in turn a powerful building block for green plastics (PLA: poly-lactic acid) or for time-controlled acidification. (link to Futerro)

By combining alcohol with lactic acid, we obtain simple yet very effective bio-solvents which are green and non-toxic. Other related esters (link to industry applications) can be developed for specific properties, such as methyl lactate or 2-ethyl-hexyl lactate to name a few.

Other derivatives
The joint development of a lacto-chemical reaction or a new molecule is part of our daily activity. If you have an idea, we are your ideal partner to develop it.