Our solutions

GalacidTM - Lactic acid for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications.

Galacid AdagioTM - A ground-breaking food specialty designed for bakery, dairy and meat application.

Galacid BufferedTM - Our buffered solutions based on lactic acid and lactates.

GalaflowTM - Sodium and potassium lactates for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

GalimaxTM -Tailor-made food blends mainly designed for meat, sauces & dressings and confectionery applications.

Galimax ProMeatTM - Meat blends designed for food safety and shelf-life extension without compromising on taste or quality.

Galimax FlavorTM - An extension of our clean-label range of solutions specially formulated for meat, sauces & dressings and ready-to-eat preparations.

GalacinTM - Bacteriocins, mainly Nisin and Natamycin.

GalastarTM - Our brand name for lactic acid bacteria, probiotics and starter cultures.

GalafeedTM and GalifexTM  - Our animal feed solutions.

GalaxiumTM - Calcium lactate range for food, feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

GalaniumTM - Mineral lactates for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial applications..

GalasterTM - Lactate esters that are used for industrial, food and cosmetic applications.

GalasolvTM  - Lactate esters as well as tailor-made blends, based on lactate esters.

GalazymTM - The perfect source of natural lactoferrin and lactoperoxydase to protect the human body against oxidative stress.

GaliremTM - Bioremediation solutions.

GalicareTM - Custom-designed solutions for the cosmetics and personal care market.

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