Announcing the launch of our NEW website

After several months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to unveil our brand-new website available in desktop and mobile version.

Our goal with this new website is to provide our customers, staff and stakeholders a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. We want to share with everyone the Galactic DNA: who we are, our commitments and expertise, together with the solutions and applications we develop for the Food and Non-Food industries. Additionally, we aim to extend our team with motivated and enthusiastic members through our improved group Careers page. To reach these goals, we have launched several new features:

  • A refreshed look, improved navigation and a handful of features which will make the overall experience more meaningful following a responsive web design.
  • A corporate video introducing Galactic’s story, our identity, and our commitments, which will give you an insight into our value-added business. Click here to access the video.
  • We are proud to showcase a complete line of ground-breaking technologies to ensure food products’ safety and share our expertise in the field of antimicrobials, natural ingredients, lactic acid and lactates. 
  • As our customers are unique, we’ve launched an easy-to-use platform to explain about Galactic’s complete line of solutions for the Food sector. Whether you are a customer or a prospect, we invite you to navigate the platform and let us know more about your developments. Together we can bring great value to food products in terms of taste, quality and preservation. 

We will continue to update the new website with insightful market information, company announcements, corporate news or success stories. So make sure to check in with us on a frequent basis! 
You can also stay posted on Galactic by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. 

We would like to thank our passionate team at Galactic who donated their time and energy to make this site what it is, and our web partner Header Digital who has been a fantastic partner for us in this journey!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to let us know on social media or through the website at Contact us

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new website and all that it has to offer.

Press contact

Eliza Frunză

Global Marketing & Communications Manager +3228970350