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Galactic’s Meat brochure, now available in Spanish
Galactic is proud to share the Brochure for Meat&Poultry applications, in Spanish. The brochure features a complete set of solutions designed by Galactic to ensure food safety in the meat and poultry industries. By combining traditional and innovative...
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Galactic solutions for mold preservation available and effective for manufactures
No one likes finding molds on baked foods, so bakers use preservatives. Sprayed on the finished product or incorporated into the dough, these ingredients inhibit the growth of molds, wild yeasts and bacteria. Galactic ’ solutions are antimicrobi...
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Galactic’s Confectionery Brochure now available in Russian
To reach out to the Russian-speaking market, Galactic is happy to announce the release of its Confectionery Brochure, committed to providing healthy solutions to the Confectionery industry, in Russian. In order to enable the confectionery producers to k...
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