Join a diverse team of smart and passionate people!

At Galactic, passion and diversity are the watchwords. With our ambition to improve consumers’ lives by developing safe, healthy, sustainable, and quality food products, we're looking for self-motivated individuals with a particular sensitivity to sustainability and innovation.

Why join Galactic?

We are proud to be a global leader in the production of lactic acid and its derivatives.

With a global presence, we strive to make a positive impact in local communities worldwide. We collaborate closely with our customers, providing them with safe and sustainable solutions that meet the unique needs of their markets.

Founded in 1994 in Belgium, Galactic has grown to become a trusted industry name. Today, our state-of-the-art production facilities and high-performance labs are strategically located across Europe, North America, and Asia, ensuring our products and services are readily available in over 70 countries.

Work culture

Life at Galactic

At Galactic, we are an international family. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of cultures by quickly integrating individuals with different cultural backgrounds. We thrive on learning from each other, fostering an environment of curiosity and understanding.

One of our core values is teamwork, collaboration, and support. At Galactic we treat everyone with respect and kindness, and we constantly strive to improve the well-being of our employees. We also seek to improve the day-to-day experience of our team members, ensuring their comfort, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

We also understand the importance of personal and professional development. That's why we offer career development opportunities through annual training programs or mentoring.

Our recruitement charter

Galactic is committed to upholding an ethical recruitment charter. This charter mobilizes HR and managerial teams to ensure a recruitment process that aligns with our organizational values and respects our corporate social responsibility.

We are dedicated on respecting diversity, gender equality, and equal opportunities at every stage of the recruitment process, prohibiting discrimination based on non-professional factors (religion, age, gender…).

We also guarantee equal employment conditions, in compliance with regulations on diversity and equal opportunities.

We take pride in socially responsible recruitment practices and our dedication to creating an inclusive work environment where team members feel valued.

Whether you're an engineer, technician, scientist, salesperson, marketing genius or logistics worker, we're are always looking for new talented profiles to support our growth.