Galactic applications

Galactic applications

14 applications


Discover the Galactic ingredients, natural fermentation-based solutions for safe, tasty, and fresh meat products.

Plant-based foods

A wide ingredient portfolio with dedicated solutions for enhancing freshness, creation of round flavors, and spoilage protection in plant-based foods.

Prepared meals

Meet the demand for convenient, high-quality food with natural, wholesome ingredients that ensure transparency and clear labelling.

Fish and seafood

Tackle the increasing consumer demand for fish and seafood with ingredients ensuring food safety and high quality.


Innovative ingredients for baked goods aligned with key trends like clean labels, process improvement, and taste enhancement.

Dips, sauces and dressing

Reaching your requirements on taste, pH and shelf-life with Galactic’s fermentation-bases ingredient portfolio for dips, sauces and dressings.


Mineral fortification for healthy diets, taste enhancement or acidity regulation, a natural fermentation-based solution is awaiting in the Galactic product portfolio.


Bringing joy to anyone with a sweet tooth by offering acidity with a punch for confectionery development.


Join our journey to achieve perfection in dairy with Galactic's natural solutions for process improvement, flavor enhancement, and shelf-life extension.


Lactic acid-based products contribute to the health and growth of farm animals by maintaining the acidity balance and increasing digestibility.