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Fish and seafood

In the ever-growing global food market, the fish and seafood sector represent a remarkable opportunity for growth. As the demand for fish consumption is projected to increase by 15% by 2030, ensuring food safety, shelf-life, and high quality becomes crucial. Knowing those challenges, Galactic offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help manufacturers meet this increased future demand.

Galactic offers a wide range of natural ingredients specifically formulated to enhance the taste and preserve the freshness of fish and seafood products. Especially our Galimax Flavor AV43-B is a notable example of our vinegar solutions, which have been proven effective in maintaining the quality of fish and seafood products over time.

fish and seafood shrimps

At Galactic, we prioritize food safety, and alongside our vinegars, our application experts have developed an innovative range of antimicrobials combining the efficacy of lactates and acetates in specialty blends and pure natural lactic acid. These solutions are designed to optimize food safety, extend the shelf-life of fish, and especially prevent the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, thus ensuring the protection of consumers worldwide. 

These specialty solutions include:

  • Galimax Ace-K-40: A specialty blend of potassium lactate and sodium acetate with highly effective antimicrobial effects, extending the shelf-life of fish without compromising taste, texture, and color.
  • Galimax Diace K-4: A liquid preservative and pH regulator that safeguards fish products against microbial spoilage throughout their shelf-life. This potassium-based solution is ideal for low sodium formulations.
  • Galacid: A range of lactic acid solutions with antimicrobial and even bactericidal properties, guaranteeing food safety and extending shelf-life. As an acidulant, it not only provides longer preservation but also enhances flavor.
fish and seafood sushi

For more information and support, reach out to Galactic. We are here to assist you with our formulations, ensuring the production of high-quality final products with our extended range of dedicated products to the fish and seafood industry. 

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