Galactic solutions

Food safety

Protect food from pathogens, spoilage bacteria and yeast and mold growth using dedicated antimicrobial solutions.

Every year foodborne diseases are a cause of illness for approximately 600 million people worldwide. Food safety is of the essence in all we do in the food industry and the number one priority for food manufacturers around the world. Galactic's antimicrobial experts work daily to find new solutions to protect our food from pathogens, various bacteria and spoilage by yeasts and molds.

Within our microbiology laboratories we put our antimicrobials to the test, showing their high efficacy in food protection and ensuring food safety. Equipped to perform aerobic plate counts, challenge testing, yeast & molds monitoring and metagenomic testing, we have all tools in hand to support food manufacturers globally to keep their consumers safe. We place food safety at the heart of our concerns, offering additional tests for pathogens such as Listeria and supporting the development of listeriostatic formulations.

Whether you need protection against pathogens in meat, fish, or ready meals, or defense against yeasts and mold in bakery, plant-based foods or dairy products, Galactic has the solution you seek.


Contact us today to discuss about food safety. Our application experts are ready to support you with customized advice and tailor-made solutions.