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Plant-based foods

Plant-based foods have a unique microbiology, from raw materials to the final product, due to the sources used. Therefore, to ensure stability and proper shelf-life, plant-based foods require a dedicated set of antimicrobial solutions. Additionally, a key challenge is to match consumer expectations on taste and texture, which might be even the biggest challenge within this food segment. 

At Galactic, we strive to create fermented and natural ingredients that maintain quality, taste, and freshness throughout the entire shelf-life of the product.

By applying our dedicated fermentation expertise, at Galactic, we created a range of products specifically designed to meet those challenges for plant-based food manufacturers. By combining specific fermentation technologies with an innovative process of herbal infusion, a specialty natural basil flavor came to live, created to enhance the round flavor, and maintain the freshness of your foods over shelf-life. Additionally, the offering includes highly effective antimicrobials to protect against spoilage and yeast and mold growth, and high-quality lactic acid powder for acidification and pH control in meat alternatives.

meat alternative burger

Drawing on our in-house food application expertise at the Galactic Innovation Center, a set of solutions has been developed for various plant-based food categories, including:

  • Plant-based raw and cooked burgers
  • Vegetarian Frankfurter-style sausages
  • Plant-based ready meals
  • Bread spreads and dips
  • Plant-based nugget-style snacks
  • Veggie cold cuts
  • and more.

If you're interested in learning more about how Galactic can support your plant-based food production, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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