Galactic solutions

Production process & yield optimization

From beer to dairy and confectionery, optimize production processes to improve quality, yields and consumer experience.

pH regulation is an essential part to guarantee excellent product quality and optimal yields in a variety of production processes within the food industry. Over the years Galactic has optimized the use of lactic acid, a natural organic acid produced by fermentation, for: 

  • Process control and yield improvement in beer processing: Maintaining the right pH levels is crucial to control fermentation and achieve the desired taste and alcohol content. Proper pH regulation also ensures consistent product quality, reducing the risk of off-flavors and inconsistencies that can arise from pH fluctuations.
  • Direct acidification of dairy to optimize yield and flavor: It enables better curd formation during cheese making, helps preserve the freshness of dairy products, and ensures the right texture and taste. This not only improves the economic efficiency of dairy processes but also enhances the overall consumer experience.
  • Optimization of texture and color in the olives industry: The texture and color of olives are essential factors in the quality and marketability of olive-based products. Accurate pH control plays a critical role in the olive processing industry, contributing to the desired texture and color of olives.
  • Protection against sugar inversion in confectionery production: Uncontrolled sucrose inversion can result in a soft, sticky product, especially on the surface. Our products aid in controlling sugar inversion, ensuring that your confections maintain their stability from the moment they're produced to the point where they melt in your mouth.

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