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Every consumer looks for a moment of indulgence every now and then. For a special time to escape reality by enjoying a sweet treat… Taste, texture, enjoyment is of the essence when creating new innovative candies. Confectionery producers must stay ahead of major market trends, ensuring their products meet all consumer needs, amongst which there is the demand for natural and safe ingredients. 
At Galactic, we are also on the continuous search for combining flavor with naturalness and safe enjoyment. Galactic's product portfolio provides innovative and efficient ingredients to meet this consumer demand. 

Natural solutions made by fermentation offer confectionery manufacturers the flexibility to: 

  • Reduce sugar inversion: avoid stickiness and maintain a longer shelf-life
  • Create the sourness your consumer is looking for.
  • Enhance flavor: Galacid lactic acid is especially compatible with red fruit and cola flavors to boost the taste.
  • Acid-sand candies: Create that wanted sour punch in your candies with specialty lactic acid powder for sanding of your soft confectionery.
  • Improve texture: create stable & scrumptious textures by using Galaxium calcium lactate. 

Galactic's solutions cater to a wide range of confectionery applications.

At Galactic we collaborate with our customers and scientific partners to unlock the unlimited potential of nature for a sustainable future. By sharing our expertise and solutions, we contribute to the development of confectionery products that not only delight consumers but also prioritize health and environmental well-being.

Galactic's natural solutions empower confectionery producers to create delightful treats that meet the demands of today's consumers. By enhancing flavor, improving texture, and fortifying products, Galactic enables manufacturers to deliver confectionery delights that are not only indulgent but also natural, safe, and sustainable. Embrace the genius of nature with Galactic and elevate your confectionery creations to new heights.

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