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Mineral fortification

Boost your products with mineral fortification for enhanced health benefits and wellness.

The marvelous world of lactic acid derivatives doesn’t stop at antimicrobial and acidification functionalities. A vast array of health benefits is to be discovered when lactates are combined with minerals like Calcium, Iron, Zinc or Magnesium. 

Calcium is best known for its contribution to strong bones and teeth. However, it serves many other vital functions and may even act as a protective factor against high blood pressure and colon cancer. 

Although calcium intake is relatively high compared to other essential nutrients, specialists in the field believe that most adults and children don't consume enough calcium daily, even though many, including Americans and Europeans, consume ample dairy products.

Globally, around 200 million people are currently suffering from osteoporosis (a condition characterized by weakened bones that are more susceptible to fractures). Therefore, it is very important to avoid calcium deficiency by consuming foods rich in calcium, on a regular basis.

Galactic’s Galaxium calcium lactate is an excellent ingredient for calcium fortification of foods thanks to its high solubility, exceptional bioavailability, stability, and taste. Start using it today to improve your formulations for calcium-enriched fruit juices, milk or plant-based beverages, calcium supplements and many more.

In addition to Calcium lactate, Galactic offers a range of other mineral options to support your fortified product creations, including ferrous lactate, zinc lactate, and magnesium lactate. 

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