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Who we are

At Galactic we are pioneers in fermentation technology and our purpose is to make an impact that matters. Inspired by consumers’ increasing demand for natural and organic foods, we take pride in providing a complete range of natural and healthy ingredients. From recipe improvement to microbiological analysis, our expertise is available to food producers all over the world. Besides this market, we also use our expertise to produce, by fermentation, new molecules to replace the old Petro-based products.

Looking ahead, we will continue to pursuit our strategic plan while helping our clients create innovation and bring positive change to the communities in which we work and live.

Driven by our exceptional people, I am confident that Galactic is well placed to deliver further sustainable growth in the years to come.


Frédéric Van Gansberghe

Mission and values

Develop safe, healthy, sustainable, and high-quality products.

We offer innovative natural solutions produced through fermentation, including a wide range of natural antimicrobials, lactic acid, lactates, and other derivatives, to food producers worldwide.

Our focus areas include:


We are driven by innovation, constantly seeking original approaches to solve our customers' problems.


Using bio-sourced raw materials and fermentation technology, we minimize carbon footprint and help our customers improve their sustainability practices.

Team spirit

Our team spirit drives us forward helping achieve our goals. We value being part of a strong team. Together, we are stronger!


With our dedicated people, cutting-edge technologies, and consistent procedures, we ensure the quality of our products.


We believe that the best way to reach our goals is to have a focus strategy, dedicated team, and advanced technology, all coupled with discipline.


We think that passion brings happiness, enhances relationships, and delights our customers.

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Tracing our journey

From a small kitchen in a Brussels café, we have grown into a global presence in Europe, Asia, and North America. Join us on our journey and discover our history.

Innovative fermenters and green esters launch

Production of new fermenters was launched to promote innovative natural ingredients in the food market. Additionally, Galactic extended its esters production for new green chemistry applications.

Asia joint ventures for lactic acid and PLA

Galactic consolidated its presence in Asia with the opening of two joint ventures in China to produce Lactic Acid and PLA.

New group support office in Moldova

Galactic extended its operating activities by opening a Group Support Office in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau.

Food innovation campus

Demand for clean label developments rose rapidly. Therefore, a new R&D center, Galactic Applications Lab, was opened in Brussels.

New perspectives in Latin America

Galactic launched a sales office in Brazil, focusing on Latin America.

After China, Galactic is in Japan

Galactic opened a sales office in Japan.

Welcome to USA!

Galactic launched its integrated plant in the USA.

Asian market entry via B&G joint venture

Galactic entered the Asian market through B&G, a joint venture with BBCA Biochemical in China.

Lactic acid leadership and global reach

Galactic became the world's second-largest producer of lactic acid and lactates, delivering to 40 countries worldwide. The same year, Galactic patented a revolutionary purification technology for lactic acid.

Production capacity milestone achieved

The company increased its production capacity to 15,000 tons to serve better the needs of our customers.

Creation of Galactic.

Galactic was launched. It started with a relatively small group of engineers in a Belgium café with ambitious plans.

Thank you for making it all possible and let’s continue building a bright future together!