Research and Development expertise

Research and Development is at the heart of Galactic’s identity

Galactic makes innovation happen thanks to its motivated and competent global team of trained researchers based in Belgium, China, and the United States.

Through collaborative teamwork our exceptional R&D teams consistently strive to meet our customers' needs, harnessing every experience learned in our relentless pursuit of innovation.

Pieter Van der WEEËN
Corporate R&D Director

R&D is a part of our identity

In line with the Galactic's mindset, we work and share information as one big global team, but with a strong local anchoring to be closer to our customers and their markets.

The Research and Development department is structured in four key competence groups.


Fermentation was the starting point of Galactic as a company and today is still the basis of most of our innovation projects. We are inspired by nature producing natural ingredients, antimicrobials, and lactic acid, all by fermentation. Furthermore, we upgrade and perfect the traditional fermentation process to a robust industrial scale using a wide range of state-of-the-art fermenters at laboratory (200 mL to 750 L), pilot (500 L to 15 m³) and industrial (30 m³ to 1000 m³) scale.

  • We use non-GMO microbial strains.
  • We use local raw materials.
  • Decrease the side streams and improve the energetical aspect.
  • We bring our production process to maturity ensuring state-of-the-art development methods and exemplary quality.
fermentation lab analysis


Globally, we have three food application laboratories where we help our customers and partners to use natural antimicrobials in their food matrix:

  • One central laboratory based in Brussels, Belgium
  • One front lab in Milwaukee, US
  • One front lab in Bengbu, China

The main mission of these three laboratories is to demonstrate the efficacy of natural antimicrobials in microbial shelf-life extension in food products. We work via a confidential “technical support request (TSR)” approach, where the customer’s needs are central. Also, the technical information needed to find a solution is crucial and it is there where we collaborate to establish the best way to success. Complementary to shelf-life testing, our laboratories also offer a variety of sensorial panels to ensure optimal product quality throughout the use phase.

Analysis of the microbiological lifespan of food products.

Challenge tests on specific microorganisms obtained from microbiologically degraded food.

Sensory analysis tests, such as triangular tests, duo/trio tests, or even hedonic tests, as well.


Collecting data and being able to analyze and interpret those data is extremely valuable in the antimicrobials field. That is why at Galactic we have a dedicated analytical development team that works to better understand the molecules and guides our research and development in the search for the optimal solution.

Various chromatographic techniques form the basis of our analyses, although our team is skilled in many other methods such as element analysis for trace analysis, laser diffusion for analyzing powders etc. Next to our in-house analyses, we ensure the right analysis for all our requests thanks to our trusted partners and service network.

Additionally, we also offer specific technical training both in our laboratories and at customers’ sites.

We are more than happy to share our great expertise and professional network; therefore, we support customers on demand, in carrying out metagenomic analyzes to identify with a high accuracy, the spoiling microorganisms or interpret predictive mathematical models for e.g., the growth of Listeria Monocytogenes.

Training session

New product development

We strongly believe green chemistry is the future. With all-natural building blocks, we contribute to the growth of sustainable chemicals. Starting from our natural acids (lactic, acetic, propionic…) obtained from fermentation, at Galactic we produce various chemicals according to the principles of green chemistry.

Our new product development team is skilled in unlocking the potential of the renewable building blocks to either improve the production process of current products or develop new antimicrobials that are closer to our existing range, in line with customer or legal requirements.

New product development

Additionally, the new product development team is exploring the chemical potential of multifunctional green building blocks to obtain complex molecules to replace petrochemical products or even create completely new molecules in various fields of application.

If you are interested in knowing more about our activities or have a research project in mind where we could partner up, do not hesitate to reach out to us.