Galactic solutions

Preservation & shelf-life extension

Prolong the shelf-life of food using natural and highly efficient preservatives, to ensure quality and reduce waste.

A significant part of the foods we consume like meat, ready meals, dressings, plant-based foods, and more are perishable by nature and intrinsically have a limited shelf-life. Additionally, micro-organisms are all around and proliferate rapidly, so at one point they will take over and render these perishable foods inedible. To prolong the shelf-life of foods, protect them and preserve their freshness, we need preservation.

Preservation not only prolongs the shelf-life of foods but also ensures food safety, helps maintain foods’ nutritional value and greatly supports food waste reduction.


Essential in doing preservation and ensuring a longer shelf-life, is to do it the right way: with natural and sustainable ingredients! At Galactic we focus our production and development efforts to deliver healthy and natural additives for shelf-life extension to food manufacturers around the world. We have perfected the process of fermentation to create a variety of different ingredients:

  1. Cultured sugars, vinegars, and natural flavors to preserve the freshness and protect the high quality of various food products.
  2. Lactic acid to prolong shelf-life through pH control, acidification and disinfection processes like for meat carcasses and fresh vegetables.
  3. Lactates to protect against spoilage bacteria and maintain a longer microbial shelf-life, thus reducing food waste.
  4. Specialty lactate-(di)acetate blends for highly efficient protection of meats, prepared meals, and fish against pathogens.

Contact us today to discuss your customized solution for shelf-life prolongation in a natural way. Our application experts are ready to support you with customized advice and tailor-made solutions.