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Dips, sauces and dressing

The dips and sauces industry is evolving to meet consumer demands for healthier, more natural options without compromising on taste or shelf-life. Galactic understands these needs and offers effective solutions based on fermentation processes. These solutions address various challenges such as clean labeling, improved texture, longer shelf-life, salt reduction, flavor enhancement, and pH control.

One of the prominent trends in this industry is the quest for naturalness, driven by consumer preferences and concerns about food quality and transparency. Consumers are increasingly seeking sauces and dressings with recognizable ingredient lists and are gravitating towards products labeled as "free from artificial additives" or "containing 100% natural ingredients." Transparency and authenticity in labeling are also gaining importance, with consumers placing trust in third-party certifications and expecting manufacturers to disclose all ingredients used.

To address these evolving trends, Galactic offers innovative solutions that combine naturalness and maximum sensory indulgence. For instance, we have developed:

  • Galimax Flavor AV43-B vinegar, which preserves the freshness and quality of plant-based mayonnaise throughout its shelf-life while inhibiting microbial spoilage.
  • We also offer Galimax Flavor F-50, a natural basil flavor ingredient that enhances the taste of pesto and aligns with the demand for recognizable ingredients.
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In addition to these specific innovations, Galactic provides a comprehensive range of tailored solutions to meet various customer needs. Whether it's clean-label options, shelf-life extension, taste enhancers, texture improvements, low-sodium recipes, or pH control, Galactic has the expertise to assist. Our team of experts is available to answer questions and guide you in the application of our solutions to achieve high-quality final products.

If you're interested in learning more or collaborating with Galactic to address your specific needs in the dips and sauces industry, feel free to contact us! Galactic is committed to supporting customers in their pursuit of excellence and innovation in this sector.

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