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The meat industry plays a vital role in the global food supply chain, providing protein sources to billions of people worldwide. However, ensuring the safety, quality, and freshness of meat products poses significant challenges. Galactic offers fermentation-based solutions to achieve the perfect balance between safe and delicious meat products, meeting the industry’s requirements on shelf-life.

Food safety is of the utmost importance in the meat industry, given the significant number of foodborne illnesses that occur annually. Galactic's expertise lies in developing antimicrobial ingredients through the perfection of fermentation technology, providing effective protection against foodborne pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes. Our commitment to food safety has made us an innovator in this field.


At Galactic, we take a comprehensive approach that integrates the latest scientific advances, rigorous processes, and quality controls to ensure that our products guarantee food safety.

Antimicrobials play a crucial role in achieving food safety by acting against bacteria, the main responsible for foodborne illnesses. Using antimicrobials in meat processing offers several benefits: 

  1. They help control bacterial growth, preventing the proliferation of pathogens. 
  2. Antimicrobials also extend the shelf-life of meat products by inhibiting spoilage microorganisms, reducing food waste, and maintaining product integrity. 
  3. Additionally, they preserve the sensory and organoleptic qualities of meat, ensuring the products remain appetizing and safe.

Galactic offers antimicrobial solutions specifically designed for meat preservation.
Our wide range encompassing lactates, acetates, buffered vinegar and combinations of these support in maintaining optimal pH, inhibit the growth of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, and help preserve meat quality. This extensive Galactic product portfolio offers industry professionals the flexibility to meet specific meat preservation needs.

Galactic continuously invests in developing innovative solutions to enhance food safety. Our application engineers are ready to provide customized advice and support to meat processors worldwide.


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