Galactic solutions

Food waste reduction

Use our natural antimicrobial solutions and lactic acid to preserve foods, extend shelf-life and contribute to sustainable development efforts.

Every year, nearly one billion tons of food are lost or wasted, representing 40% of global food production. While a disproportionate amount of the world's food supply is lost between production and consumption, nearly 770 million people worldwide are undernourished. On top, food waste is responsible for a significant proportion of the greenhouse gases emitted by the world's food system, making it an environmental menace.

The world today is calling for actions to improve the sustainability parameters of food. By using the right preservative, any perishable food can obtain a longer shelf-life, thus reducing the amount of food wasted year-on-year. At Galactic, we focus on the production of natural antimicrobial solutions and lactic acid using the sustainable method of fermentation. We start from renewable raw materials and transform them into natural ingredients.

From incorporating natural ingredients into plant-based foods for flavoring, to preserving the freshness of ready-made meals and extending the shelf-life of processed meat solutions by protecting them from spoilage thanks to the lactates produced by fermentation; all our actions contribute naturally to reducing food waste in a natural way, contributing to feeding our world population and lowering our carbon footprint all around the world.

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