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With the global ban on antibiotics in animal feed, the need for effective alternatives to control pathogens in livestock has become paramount. To ensure food safety and guarantee animal health Galactic has developed a range of lactic acid-based solutions.

These solutions answer to various needs in controlling pathogens in livestock:

Controlling Salmonella:
Salmonella poses a significant risk to food safety, especially in the poultry industry. Galactic's lactic acid-based additive has proven highly effective in reducing the prevalence of this pathogen. Its inhibitory properties help to limit the growth of pathogens, particularly Salmonella.

Offering an alternative to antibiotics:
Unlike antibiotics, acidifiers not only inhibit pathogenic growth but also benefit beneficial bacteria. Moreover, acidifiers eliminate the risk of medicinal residue, ensuring human health and safety.

Development of good health:
Within the pork industry, during the critical transition from suckling to eating dry-based feed, lactic acid-based acidifiers offer a significant improvement in daily weight gain and feed conversion. This effect is particularly crucial during the weaning period and the subsequent six weeks. Lactic acid, naturally produced during digestion, drastically enhances digestion when added in small amounts to feed. 


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Advantages of Lactic Acid:

  • Reduces pH value in feed and animal stomach while increasing enzymatic activity.
  • Improves the microflora ecology in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Enhances animal metabolism and nutrient digestibility.
  • Promotes the bioavailability of minerals and vitamins.

By utilizing these innovative solutions, manufacturers can ensure food safety and maintain animal health effectively.

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