Galactic Food Doctor

Our customers are unique.
Therefore, we aim to help them develop safe high-quality products.

Food Doctor

Our customers have specific requirements according to their applications or production processes. Therefore, a complete line of ground-breaking technologies to ensure food products safety are proposed:


An innovative technology that identifies the DNA of all microorganisms in an ecosystem on the basis of one single analysis. Initially destined for the medical market, this revolutionary technique is now applied to the study of food. We identify the microorganisms responsible for the alteration of food products enabling to develop the exact solution needed in order to prolong the product’s shelf life.

Predictive modelling tool 

Accurately predicts Listeria monocytogenes growth in several food applications under specific conditions in order to help customers face the challenges of meeting higher quality and safety standards. It is the most efficient way for food producers to save R&D resources and speed up the lead time to market.

Thanks to our technologies,we are able to offer you the right solutions and prevent potential future risks.

To access the model, you will need a login and password. Contact us for more information.