Galactic solutions

Sustainable green solvents

Benefit from non-toxic solutions that promote sustainability, and support the transition towards a bio-based business model.

Preserving our planet is a fundamental priority for safeguarding our environment, and its significance will continue to grow across various industries, from food to electronics. 

Galactic offers bio-based chemicals for a variety of industries as well as green solvents.

Whether we’re talking about a green solvent for use in your natural fragrances, for ink and paints, making your herbicide and pesticide recipes more sustainable, replacing your toxic acids by a green solution or within the semi-conductor industry, Galactic’s Ethyl Lactates are your best option. With high quality and available in various grades, our products are there to support your transition toward a bio-based and environmentally conscious business. 

Ready to take the next step towards a more sustainable and non-toxic approach?  Contact us today to explore how Galactic's solutions can benefit your business and contribute to a greener future!