Galactic meets bakery segment challenges with Galimax K-10 natural solution

What do you need to know about latest bakery innovations? 

Bakery manufactures are invited to discover how the issue of maintaining a product fresh and flavory was settled by Galactic’s special formulation. If you were thinking about improving your sweet baked goods’ quality, this is just what you need.

Manufacturers are looking to bring naturalness in their recipes, as there is a continuous demand for baked goods. To help them delivering outstanding quality, 
an innovative application for sweet baked goods was developed by Galactic aligning with the consumption behavior and trends. Galimax Flavor K-10 is a natural flavor that ensures bakery products with a high-quality, label-friendliness, and mild pleasant flavor during the entire shelf-life.

What are the benefits of using Galimax Flavor K-10  in baked goods applications?

Galimax Flavor K-10 is a natural ingredient produced by slow fermentation of sugar. It is used for its flavor, contributing to handcrafted taste experiences, label-friendliness, and maintenance of freshness throughout the entire product shelf-life. It serves as an excellent solution for sweet baked goods like cakes, muffins, brownies, madeleines, and pancakes. Also, it is very effective for sweet baked goods fillings

Get the Food Technologist support for your applications

Galactic is the antimicrobial partner you need, providing you a robust fermentation expertise. We locate  several Food Application Labs in the world: one in the heart of Europe, another one in the US and one more in China. 
Our food technologists are ready to help food manufactures with additional customized research regarding their products. Together we can find a perfect combination of ingredients and formulations, meeting the demand of consumers at its highest.  

Label-friendly muffins