Traditional antimicrobials: a choice of effectiveness


In an industry where food safety standards are tightening and consumer expectations are evolving, food manufacturers are faced with the need to adopt preservation solutions that are both effective and respectful of product quality. To meet this need, Galactic has developed a highly efficient specialty blend: a unique combination of lactate, acetate, and diacetate. 

In the food industry, combating the proliferation of bacteria and pathogens is essential to guarantee safe products for the consumer as well as maintain taste over life. Preservatives play a crucial role in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that can cause food-borne illness.

Preservatives and pH regulators: 

Galimax Diace N-47 is a combination of sodium lactate obtained by fermentation, sodium acetate and sodium diacetate. It is used as a preservative with a dual function: it acts as a pH regulator, creating an unfavorable environment for bacterial growth, and has direct antimicrobial properties due to its acetate content.

The effectiveness of Galimax Diace N-47 as an antimicrobial agent has been proven, particularly in meat products where preservation requirements are high. Its use ensures extended shelf-life without compromising the sensory characteristics of the food - an important consideration for consumers who don't want to sacrifice taste or quality for safety. This means that manufacturers can use our product without fear of altering the taste, smell, or color of their products, which are also key attributes of perceived quality.


meat frankfurt sausage galactic


An efficient and less expensive solution: 

Galimax Diace N-47 offers many advantages. The balanced ratio of lactates and acetates in its composition makes it particularly effective, allowing it to be used in smaller quantities. This translates into reduced use of salt and other preservatives, contributing to an improved nutritional profile of the finished product. Manufacturers can reduce their spending on preservatives while maintaining effective protection against contamination, Listeria, and food spoilage.

The lower dosage also means lower sodium content, which is a major benefit in meeting consumer demand for healthier foods and legislation to reduce sodium in the diet. 

With proven efficacy on various meat products, producing excellent results in Fine Emulsions cooked poducts such as:

  • Frankfurt sausages
  • Ham 
  • Mortadella 
  • Hot dog

Galimax Diace N-47 is therefore the preservation solution of choice for food manufacturers, combining antimicrobial efficacy, sensory preservation, cost reduction and consumer health expectations.

To gain a deeper understanding of this product and explore how it can be integrated into your production processes to improve food safety, we invite you to contact our experts. They are available to discuss traditional antimicrobial solutions and how Galimax Diace N-47 can meet your specific needs.

Want to understand how it works and see some test results? You can download our brochure: “Tension field between natural and classic antimicrobials. Is there a right choice?”