Enhancing vegetable decontamination through natural acids


The interest in fresh fruits and vegetables is on the rise, which aligns with a growing consciousness towards health and nutrition. These foods are essential to a balanced diet, increasingly so with the popularity of plant-based eating. Yet, this rise in consumption underscores a critical challenge: the risk of contamination.

Fruits and vegetables can also carry pathogens, making them unintentional vectors for illness. The FDA's estimation that foodborne pathogens affect 48 million people annually is a stark reminder of the risks associated with fresh produce. Moreover, as the use of vegetables in food processing climbs, the industry faces an amplified struggle to manage and prevent microbial spoilage.

Galactic’s natural solution:

Galimax LC3 offers a solution tailored to these challenges. This product, a liquid blend of natural lactic and citric acid, presents several key advantages:

Shelf-life extension: The application of Galimax LC3 helps maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for extended periods, safeguarding their nutritional value and visual appeal.

Decontamination: By effectively neutralizing harmful bacteria, Galimax LC3 reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses, providing a critical layer of safety for consumers.

High effectiveness: Engineered for maximum performance, Galimax LC3 ensures results with only 3 to 5% of the solution in water.

Natural ingredients: The formulation of Galimax LC3 is derived from natural sources, meeting the market demand for clean-label products and allows manufacturers and producers to avoid the utilization of toxic products like Sodium hypochlorite (for the safety of workers and consumers).

Unaltered sensory qualities: When applied, Galimax LC3 does not affect the taste or color of the produce, ensuring the natural eating experience is preserved.

Ease of use: The liquid form of Galimax LC3 facilitates straightforward application and integration into existing processing systems without the need for additional equipment.

Versatility: Designed for use with a diverse range of fruits and vegetables, Galimax LC3 serves as a versatile tool for producers looking to enhance the safety and longevity of their products.

Why using lactic and citric acid?

The synergistic use of lactic and citric acid in applications like Galimax LC3 is rooted in their complementary properties that enhance food safety and preservation. Lactic acid is renowned for its antimicrobial activity, especially against spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, which can contaminate fresh products. It acts by lowering the pH of the treated surface, which creates a less favorable environment for bacteria to grow, thereby extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. Citric acid, on the other hand, is a natural preservative, it works also by lowering the food substance's pH. Lowering the pH helps create an acidic environment that reduces microorganism growth and possibly killing them.

When used in tandem, citric acid can enhance the antimicrobial effect of lactic acid by altering the pH of the environment, which further inhibits bacterial growth. Additionally, citric acid is an antioxidant that can help maintain the color and flavor profile of fresh produce. The combination of these acids does not alter the sensory properties of the food, ensuring that the taste, aroma, and appearance remain appealing to consumers. In essence, the combination of lactic and citric acid in Galimax LC3 offers an efficient, natural solution to extend shelf-life and ensure the safety of product without compromising quality.

In considering the integration of Galimax LC3 into your production process, you are not merely adopting a new product but taking a proactive step towards enhancing food safety and quality. This decision underscores a commitment to consumer health.

For detailed information on how Galimax LC3 can be integrated into your processing system, please contact our team of experts. We are prepared to provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure the successful application of Galimax LC3.