Unique Innovation specially designed for Meat alternatives & Plant-based meals market


We are happy to launch today Natural Basil Flavor, a new natural ingredient specially designed for Meat alternatives and Plant-based meals. This innovative product was formulated in a unique way to bring round flavors and high quality to the plant-based market. In addition, it offers attractive labelling options highlighting the plant-based source, the naturalness, and the clean label aspect of this ingredient.

Galactic’s Natural Basil Flavor is a direct product of fermentation and infusion, an age-old, natural process, perfected by the Galactic fermentation experts who were inspired by consumers’ demand for clean and organic foods made solely with ingredients they know, are good for health and the Planet.

Natural Basil Flavor is an ideal natural ingredient applicable today for a big variety of plant-based meals or meat alternatives, such as plant-based burgers, sausages, nuggets, cold cuts, bread spreads, ready meals maintaining the qualitative properties of food products throughout the entire shelf-life.

Adding Natural Basil Flavor into foods offers manufacturers the opportunity to make claims like “with 100% natural ingredients”, “without additives” or “plant-based” thus playing into all important aspects for their consumers nowadays. Thanks to the unique composition and properties, this innovation allows food manufactures to incorporate it also into low sodium recipes.

“We’re excited to extend our portfolio of natural and sustainable solutions. We are continuously researching how to better answer food manufacturers’ needs. Offering a new ingredient specifically designed for the plant-based sector is something we’re very proud of. And many more innovations for other food segments are in the pipeline” says Katrien LAMBEENS, Chief Commercial Officer at Galactic.

Food manufactures all over Europe, America’s and Asia can already start working with Galactic’s innovation today. The Galactic local food application experts are available to support customers with formulations and processing advice to ensure a high-quality final product.


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