Discover Galactic's Galimax Flavor V-50, the natural vinegar that revolutionizes hummus preservation


Do you love hummus as much as we do?

It is truly widely loved for being an excellent addition to any meal or a snack alone.

To ensure it tastes amazing for the longest while remaining fresh and healthy, Galactic created Galimax Flavor V-50 - a natural vinegar especially designed for delicious dips like humus. It is an excellent match for high quality food with 100% natural ingredients. Galimax Flavor V-50 is a perfect ingredient to keeping hummus lusciously creamy and smooth throughout the entire shelf-life. As a liquid ingredient, Galimax Flavor V-50 works perfectly well for easy incorporation into dips and even higher efficiency.  

If you're looking for a clean label, Galimax Flavor V-50 is the right choice. We ensured it replaces chemical preservatives, such as sodium benzoate(E211) and potassium sorbate (E202). 

At Galactic we make your product stand out on the market by complimenting it with our innovative natural solutions.

Want to know how this natural solution can be applicable to your product?