Regional Application Lab in the U.S is ready to boost food innovations


We are excited to announce Galactic have renovated and further modernized its application and microbiology lab. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Galactic is focused on helping its customers with a deeply analysis and guidance in extended food applications such as: bakery products, meat alternatives, sauces and dressings, fruit preparations, etc. 

Galactic is focused on providing a personalized solution based on the customer’s need. We are working together during the whole process to obtain the best result desired. Developing technologies to help consumers along the way to delicious, healthy, and sustainable food – this is Galactic’s credo.

Galactic commitment to Food Safety reflects in developing the right technologies in the Food Applications Lab where we can do counts of microorganisms, such as Aerobic Plate Count (APC) to determine the microbiological lifespan of products, as well as yeast & molds measurements

Food manufactures all over Europe, America’s and Asia can already start working with Galactic’s innovation today. The Galactic local food application experts are available to support customers with formulations and processing advice to ensure a high-quality final product.

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