Innovation in food safety for meat processing


The meat industry is a cornerstone of the global food supply chain, providing protein sources to billions of people worldwide. Being one of the biggest food categories, the need to ensure the safety and quality of these products is imperative. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 600 million cases of foodborne illnesses occur annually, resulting in 420,000 deaths worldwide. Among the myriad of challenges, the meat processing sector faces, the threat of foodborne pathogens looms large, with Listeria monocytogenes being a particularly tough adversary. On a global scale, food safety is of paramount concern, thus also for the meat industry this is of the highest priority.

Our commitment to Food Safety

Our commitment to supporting food producers to ensure food safety in their end products has led us to the forefront of innovation in this field. We have used our expertise to develop antimicrobial technologies largely based on fermentation which bring food safety to consumers globally.

At Galactic, we rely on a comprehensive approach that integrates the latest scientific advances, rigorous processes, and quality controls to ensure that our products guarantee food safety.

Antimicrobials: the key to Food Safety

Antimicrobials play an essential role in ensuring food safety thanks to their ability to act against micro-organisms, particularly bacteria, which are the main causal agents of food-borne illnesses.

Here are some of the benefits of using antimicrobials:

  • Bacterial growth control: In meat processing, where contamination can occur at various stages of production, the introduction of antimicrobials helps prevent the proliferation of pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes. By inhibiting their growth, antimicrobials keep meat products safe for consumption for a longer time.
  • Extended shelf-life: Microbial spoilage is a critical factor affecting the shelf-life of meat products. Antimicrobials retard the growth of these spoilage microorganisms. This extended shelf-life not only reduces food waste, but also improves the safety of meat products by maintaining their integrity over a longer period, enabling consumers to enjoy them for longer without risk.
  • Preserving quality: In addition to controlling pathogens, antimicrobials help preserve the sensory and organoleptic qualities of meat products. Microbial activity can lead to changes in color, texture, and flavor, making products unappetizing and potentially harmful.
  • Regulatory compliance: Antimicrobial interventions are often an integral part of regulatory compliance, ensuring that meat products meet the required safety standards before reaching consumers. The Galactic application experts can support meat processors around the world with personalized advice on how to make their meat products safe.
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Our Antimicrobial Solutions:

At Galactic, we've looked at perfecting our antimicrobial solutions dedicated to meat preservation, resulting in two antimicrobials that are particularly effective in guaranteeing the food safety of your products:

Galimax Ace N-50: By combining acetate and lactate, this product offers an advanced antimicrobial solution, maintaining the optimal pH of meat while preserving the high quality of meat products, thanks to the active inhibition of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.

Galimax Diace N-47: Combines the antimicrobial virtues of diacetate, acetate, and lactate for unrivalled meat preservation. This synergy gives the product the ability to lower pH while binding water and can prolong meat stability by inhibiting the growth of microbial pathogens. By guaranteeing advanced microbiological protection, Galimax Diace N-47: Ensures the safety of meat products, reducing risks for consumers.

Thanks to their high efficacy at a low dosage the optimal combination of excellent taste and ensured food safety can be easily reached. Both solutions offer industry professionals the flexibility to answer specific meat preservation needs.

Quality control and certification

Our commitment to quality goes beyond mere standards - it encompasses a holistic approach to excellence. Galactic's manufacturing facilities not only adhere to rigorous Quality Management System standards, they are also proud to hold certifications that reflect our commitment to safety, sustainability and inclusiveness.

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The strategic application of antimicrobials plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of meat products and, by extension, public health. Our commitment is reflected in our solutions, Galimax Diace N-47 and Galimax Ace N-50. These solutions are reinforced by rigorous quality control measures that assure the efficacy of our products, emphasizing our dedication to upholding the highest standards of food safety in the meat processing industry. 

Galactic continuously develops new solutions to bring innovation to food safety. Our application engineers are ready to support you with customized advice in our locations around the globe.