A dive into the Fish & Seafood industry


Besides being a delicious and versatile source of protein, there are many reasons the amount of seafood is increasingly showing up into consumers’ diets these days. There are three main factors to influence this dynamic:

  • Health benefits: fish and seafood play an essential role in food security, being nutritionally valuable thanks to omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect both people’s heart and brain.
  • Affordable production cost compared to animal protein sources.
  • Environmentally friendly food, the fishing sector offers proteins with a much lower carbon footprint than any other animal-based foods.

No matter if one eats fish or seafood frozen, canned, or in a restaurant, it’s clear that the benefits are numerous! According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) global annual consumption now stands at more than 20.5 kg of fish per person, a record level that is expected to increase with another 15% by 2030. This said, the fish and seafood sector represent an opportunity for growth for both consumers and manufacturers.

However, FAO warns that the global population is also increasing rapidly. It is therefore essential that the sustainable production of fish and seafood is extended to avoid overfishing, a potential threat with the already significantly increasing demand. Additionally, any food waste is to be avoided.

Galactic vinegars, natural ingredients that improve taste and preserve freshness.

Vinegar has been used for thousands of years for its beneficial effects on food flavoring and preservation.

At Galactic we developed a wide range of vinegars, produced by fermentation, especially focused on preserving the freshness and protecting the high quality of many types of food. Unlike many preservatives that consist of potentially harmful chemicals, Galactic vinegars have the advantage of being completely natural. They add a tangy flavor and enhance the taste of food, improving even the consumption experience. A range of products perfected to match consumer needs and produced by fermentation, expertise we have mastered at Galactic for over 30 years.

Recently, Galactic has extended its range with a brand-new specialty liquid vinegar- Galimax Flavor AV43-B adding multiple benefits to your fish recipes:

  • Maintains an excellent fresh fish taste profile.
  • High quality over the entire shelf-life.
  • Matches the delicate fresh flavors of fish with a slight acidic touch.
  • Especially developed for injection in smoked fish filets.
  • Transparent labeling: traditional ingredient already used for ages by humankind.
fish and seafood sushi
fish and seafood shrimps

At Galactic, food safety is the number 1 concern.

Next to the Galactic vinegars, our application experts have developed a range of innovative antimicrobials, designed to optimize food safety, extend the shelf-life of fish and prevent the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, thus protecting consumers all around the world.

We are available to support you with our formulations, ensuring high-quality final products with our extended range of antimicrobials and pH regulators dedicated to the fish and seafood industry.

  • Galimax Ace-K-40: a specialty blend of potassium lactate and sodium acetate with highly effective antimicrobial effects extending the shelf-life without impacting taste, texture, and color.
  • Galimax Diace K-4: a preservative and pH regulator in liquid form. It protects fish products against microbial spoilage over the entire shelf life. It is potassium based, ideal for low sodium formulations.
  • Galacid: a range of lactic acid solutions, with antimicrobial action that guarantees food safety and shelf-life extension. Being an acidulant, it provides a longer preservation and flavor enhancement.

We are continuously working to improve our processes, our solutions and develop new products to always be closer to the needs of the markets we serve. Beyond fish and seafood products, we develop natural solutions for applications in food in a global way, personal care and health, animal feed and industrial markets.

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