Scrumptious all-natural bread, by Galactic


Sustainability as a trend for food is definitely not new to the world. This year however it tops the ranks of Innova’s 2022 Trends for the food and beverage landscape. Consumers seem to now put the planet’s health over their own! One very big part of working towards a more sustainable food chain is of course the reduction of food waste. An estimated 17 percent of total global food production is wasted, where in the US a mindboggling 30 percent of the food supply is wasted. No wonder reducing waste is the top environmental action consumers are taking - 43% of respondents, according to Innova’s Global Lifestyle & Attitude Survey. 

What does Galactic offer to contribute to the reduction food waste and sustainability?

As your partner in natural antimicrobials we continuously work on new innovations. Our experts in the Galactic Application Lab are always looking for new solutions. Doing this they developed bread without artificial preservatives, just using natural vinegar. Already for ages vinegar has been used as a flavoring ingredient, natural acidifier and for longer preservation of foods. It is derived from renewable resources only and through the natural process of fermentation, thus a natural ingredient from the core out.

Galactic’s bread recipe offers a great flavor profile and crumb texture. Additionally, the shelf-life and protection against yeasts & molds is the same as with the most standard used synthetic preservatives. These are often also not beneficial for consumer’s health nor produced in a sustainable way. 

Galactic’s Application Experts are available to offer you dedicated advice on how to bring naturalness into your bakery products through customized recipes and process advice. 


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