Global food industry trends in 2022 


In 2022 consumers started to escalate awareness about their health and well-being of the environment. 

Their pursuit of such goals encourages food and beverage innovations. Today’s modern technologies allow food producers to come up with functional solutions to satisfy any consumers’ needs.   
Being the reflection of current consumers’ demands, these are the top 4 global trends in the food industry:

  • Body and mind nourishing.

Consumers prefer foods and drinks that naturally contain healthy ingredients. Some of them buy more products specifically designed for their health needs.

  • Care for the environment.

Consumers choose clean products with sustainable reusable packaging. They are more interested in environmentally friendly sources of protein and renewable plant materials to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Higher demand for plant-based food.

Consumers are looking for alternatives to the usual meat-based proteins. Plant-based food is meant to contain more protein than traditional dairy products and meat. In addition to that, it is recyclable and waste free. 

  • Transparency.

Consumers prefer product with clean labels. They want to know the origin country of the ingredients. Consumers also tend to trust the product information on packaging if it’s accurate and detailed.

At Galactic we know how to pilot innovations and attend to customers’ needs. The current food trends closely align with our values and vision. We offer a range of natural ingredients that are clean and waste-free, made for high-quality food preservation.

Our solutions help maintaining well-being of the environment and we will continue to raise attractiveness in safe and sustainable food products. 

Galactic is always there to offer a natural solution that will match your preferences.