Galactic’s calling for action to improve the sustainability of foods


The world today is calling for action to improve the sustainability of foods. By using the right preservative, any perishable food can obtain a longer shelf-life, thus reducing the amount of food wasted year-on-year. 

The Galactic team of antimicrobial and fermentation experts is ready to support food manufacturers and innovators worldwide. In Galactic’s research centers globally fermentation technology and application trials are perfected every day. Going as far as creating customised ingredients for your needs, that’s how we partner with food manufacturers around the world. 

Our application labs and kitchens are equipped with all the tools found in food manufacturing facilities to mimic as close as possible the industrial processes most frequently used. Galactic’s application experts apply the Galactic solutions to customers’ recipe to find the exact right solution, dosage and incorporation method.  

From generic application advice up to trials applied on the matrices of customers, solutions are discovered every day for the meat, plant-based foods, prepared meals, sauces, fish & seafood and bakery segments.  

In our Microbiology laboratories we put our natural antimicrobials to the test, showing how they protect and preserve a variety of food matrices. Equipped to perform aerobic plate counts, yeasts & molds monitoring, challenge tests and metagenomic testing, your microbiological trials are in good hands! 


application team

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