Galactic's Innovation Days: a culinary journey of learning and networking for partners around the world


In 2023, Galactic proudly celebrated its innovation not only in its own application labs, but also in the lab of its partners and distributors, in an environment rich with learning and networking. The Galactic Innovation Days featured a series of presentations focusing on the integral role of antimicrobials in food safety and the wide range of services offered by Galactic.

These sessions took an in-depth look at antimicrobials, highlighting their importance in maintaining food quality and longevity. This afforded participants a unique chance to be trained by Galactic's R&D team and experienced product managers.

“Our main objective was to show and exchange with our partners Galactic’s latest food applications development related to the use of natural antimicrobials. We explain, through workshops, how to use our products and what are the microbiological results we obtained in view to improve the Microbial Self-Life (MSL) by plating, protect the food regarding the growth of spoiling or potential pathogenic micro-organism in different food applications.“ Héloïse de Wilde, R&D Food Applications Engineer at Galactic.

Because taste is crucial in the food industry, it was not all theory and technicalities. The participants had the opportunity to discover our solutions in different food recipes, like sausages, hummus, plant-based mayonnaise, and our beloved madeleines. These sessions served a dual purpose: indulging in flavor and understanding the products' composition.

Food innovation days
Food innovation days

Two key thematic topics were particularly highlighted this year:

Embracing Naturalness: Our experts delved into the world of natural preservatives produced by fermentation, guiding participants on how to incorporate these into their food products.

Clear and Transparent Labelling: In this age of informed consumers, transparency is more important than ever. We provided insights on how food manufacturers can ensure clear and transparent labelling of their products, helping them build trust with their consumers who are increasingly concerned about what goes into their food.

Maria Montalva, NPD (New Product Development) Process & Product Manager at Galactic:

"The partner days were an incredible experience to connect with our partner Elton in Turkey and our customers. It is a good moment to talk to them, check their questions and their needs, the projects they might be working on, the products they are using and how we can improve our services.”  

Beyond these sessions, the Innovation Days served as a platform for enriching discussions and networking opportunities. Our attendees had the chance to meet and converse with food industry experts, opening doors for partnerships, and new business relationships.

According to Héloïse de Wilde “A good moment to share our experience, success and understand the different technologies used in different countries.

"I would like to thank you very much for your support in organizing Innovation Day in Poland- not only for the creative applications we could evaluate together with our customers, but also for inspiring examples of products from around the globe. Most of all, thank you for teamwork and the good mood that we shared during this event, and we do share during our daily work! I look forward to new opportunities and growing together!" - Paulina Ratajczak, Business Development Manager, shared her experience at the Innovation Day held in Poland.

If you want to organize an Innovation Day with Galactic in 2024, contact your Galactic sales representative. We look forward to working with you and organizing an event that meets your specific needs and interests. Let’s keep innovating together in 2024!

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