Tension field between natural and classic antimicrobials in meat industry


Is there a right choice?

The meat industry is a key component of the global food supply chain, bearing the responsibility of delivering safe and high-quality products.  
As consumer preferences shift towards natural and sustainable products, meat producers should stick to rigorous food safety standards while adapting to these evolving demands.
To ensure food safety, antimicrobials are essential in the meat industry, playing a vital role. In this sense, two categories arise: the traditional ones and the natural ones.




But how to choose between both?

Traditional antimicrobials, efficient but more often derived from petrochemical raw materials, are facing scrutiny due to concerns about antimicrobial resistance and environmental impacts. 
Consequently, there is a growing trend towards replacing chemical antimicrobials with naturally occurring ones, driven by consumer demand, and changing legislation. Selecting the appropriate antimicrobial involves considering factors such as interaction with food matrices, functionality, safety, legislation, and organoleptic properties
Galactic, with over three decades of expertise in fermentation, offers a diverse portfolio of specialized antimicrobial solutions. By leveraging its knowledge of fermentation and green chemistry, Galactic has also developed clean label solutions that cater to the meat sector's need for natural food preservation without compromising on taste or quality.

Want to know more about meat preservation and what antimicrobials you should use in meat products?

Download our technical brochure" Tension field between natural and classic antimicrobials" containing solutions, key figures and an interview with Alain Bernard, Galactic's Corporate R&D Manager.